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cpc.command.resource.Resource Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for cpc.command.resource.Resource:

Public Member Functions

def add
def subtract
def writeXML

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

A resource object that contains information about a specific 
    resource (such as number of cores, amount of memory, etc.). 
    Commands contain a requiredResource and a reservedResource
    list, and platforms contain a list of resources. These can then
    be matched together when a worker requests a set of commands.
    The object's member variables are used directly. 

Member Function Documentation

def cpc.command.resource.Resource.add (   self,
Add two resource objects together.
def cpc.command.resource.Resource.subtract (   self,
Subtract other's resource from self.
def cpc.command.resource.Resource.writeXML (   self,
  indent = 0 

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