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cpc.command.runvars.RunVars Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def add
def addRunVars
def expandStr

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

The run variables are a set of variables that are expanded on the
   command line of executables. They are defined by the worker or 
   by the platform plugin.
   The worker then calls the expandStr() method to expand all the 
   variables in the string iteratively. For example:

   runvars.add("NCORES", 10)
   runvars.add("RUN_DIR", "/home/bla")
   runvars.add("NTCMD", "-nt $NCORES")
   cmdstring_in="mdrun $NTCMD -multidir ${RUN_DIR}"
   cmdstring_out will then read:
   mdrun -nt 10 -multidir /home/bla.

Member Function Documentation

def cpc.command.runvars.RunVars.add (   self,
Add a variable with name and value
def cpc.command.runvars.RunVars.addRunVars (   self,
Add all variables from another RunVars object.
   other = a runvars object
def cpc.command.runvars.RunVars.expandStr (   self,
Expand all variables in this string iteratively.
   str = the string to expand
   returns: the expanded string.

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