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cpc.dataflow.network_function.NetworkFunction Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for cpc.dataflow.network_function.NetworkFunction:
cpc.dataflow.network_function.NetworkedFunction cpc.dataflow.function.Function cpc.dataflow.description.Describable

Public Member Functions

def writeXML
- Public Member Functions inherited from cpc.dataflow.network_function.NetworkedFunction
def getSelf
def getSelf
def getSubnet
- Public Member Functions inherited from cpc.dataflow.function.Function
def getName
def getFullName
def setLib
def getLib
def getState
def hasLog
def setLog
def accessOutputs
def accessSubnetOutputs
def setAccessOutputs
def setAccessSubnetOutputs
def getStateMsg
def check
def setOutputDirWithoutFiles
def getInputs
def getOutputs
def getSubnetInputs
def getSubnetOutputs
def getSubnet
def outputDirNeeded
def setPersistentDir
def persistentDirNeeded
def writeXML
def run
- Public Member Functions inherited from cpc.dataflow.description.Describable
def setDescription
def getDescription

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from cpc.dataflow.network_function.NetworkedFunction
- Public Attributes inherited from cpc.dataflow.function.Function
- Public Attributes inherited from cpc.dataflow.description.Describable

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from cpc.dataflow.function.Function
tuple ok = FunctionState("ok")
tuple error = FunctionState("error")

Detailed Description

A function that consists of purely of function instances in a 
   function graph.
   In a NetworkFunction, the inputs are directly connected to
   subnetOutputs, and subnetInputs are connected to outputs.

Member Function Documentation

def cpc.dataflow.network_function.NetworkFunction.writeXML (   self,
  indent = 0 

Member Data Documentation


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