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cpc.dataflow.network_function.SelfInstance Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for cpc.dataflow.network_function.SelfInstance:

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from cpc.dataflow.instance.Instance
def copy
def markImplicit
def isImplicit
def getName
def setName
def getFunction
def getFullFnName
def setLib
def getInputs
def getOutputs
def getSubnetInputs
def getSubnetOutputs
def getInputConnections
def getOutputConnections
def getSubnetInputConnections
def getSubnetOutputConnections
def addInputConnection
def addSubnetInputConnection
def addOutputConnection
def addSubnetOutputConnection
def removeOutputConnection
def removeInputConnection
def getSubnet
def writeXML
- Public Attributes inherited from cpc.dataflow.instance.Instance

Detailed Description

An instance specifically for the 'self' object.

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