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Public Member Functions

def setOut
def setSubOut
def hasOutputs
def hasSubnetOutputs
def addInstance
def addConnection
def addCommand
def setError
def setWarning
def cancelPrevCommands
def writeXML

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Detailed Description

A class holding the output of a function's run method.
   Its readable and directly manipulable member variables are:
   - outputs (a list of OutputItem objects)
   - subnetOutputs (a list of OutputItem objects)
   - cmds (a list of Commands)
   - newInstances (a list of NewInstances)
   - newConnections (a list of NewConnections)

Member Function Documentation

def (   self,
Add a command to the list.
    cmd = the command object
def (   self,
  val = None 
Add a new subnet connection to the list.
    srcStr = the source as instance:out.item
    dstStr = the destination as instance:in.item
    val  = optional value instead of source
def (   self,
Add a new subnet function instance to the list.
    instanceName  = the new instance's name
    functionName  = the new instance's function name
def (   self)
Cancel any previous commands.
def (   self)
Check whether there are outputs.
def (   self)
Check whether there are subnet outputs.
def (   self,
Set an error leading to an error state, or
   clear an error previously set during this run if msg=None. 
def (   self,
Add a specified output value.
    ioitem = the full output specifier 
    outval = an OutValue (OutValue object) 
def (   self,
Set a specified subnet output value.
    name = the output name
    outval = the output value (OutValue object) 
def (   self,
Set a warning message leading to a warning state, or
   clear a warning previously set during this run if msg=None. 
def (   self,
  indent = 0 
Write the contents of this object in XML form to a file.

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