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cpc.dataflow.vtype.StringType Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for cpc.dataflow.vtype.StringType:
cpc.dataflow.vtype.Type cpc.dataflow.description.Describable

Public Member Functions

def valueFromLiteral
def valueToLiteral
- Public Member Functions inherited from cpc.dataflow.vtype.Type
def getName
def isAnonymous
def isBuiltin
def getParent
def hasMembers
def getMembers
def isCompound
def valueFromLiteral
def valueToLiteral
def isSubtype
def remove
def getLib
def setLib
def getFullName
def inherit
def writeXML
def writePartsXML
def getSubItem
def getBaseType
def getBaseTypeName
def jsonDescribe
def containsBasetype
def isImplicit
def markImplicit
- Public Member Functions inherited from cpc.dataflow.description.Describable
def setDescription
def getDescription

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from cpc.dataflow.vtype.Type
- Public Attributes inherited from cpc.dataflow.description.Describable

Detailed Description

The class describing a string type.

Member Function Documentation

def cpc.dataflow.vtype.StringType.valueFromLiteral (   self,
def cpc.dataflow.vtype.StringType.valueToLiteral (   self,

Member Data Documentation


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