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cpc.server.message.direct_message.PersistentServerMessage Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def persistIncomingConnection
def persistOutgoingConnection
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def getSocket
def connect
def handleSocket
def prepareHeaders
def handleResponseHeaders
def putRequest
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def connect
def handleSocket
def prepareHeaders
def handleResponseHeaders
def sendRequest

Public Attributes

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Static Public Attributes


Detailed Description

    The purpose of this class is to handle persistent server to server

    It contains to message types persistIncomingConnections and

    persistIncomingConnection returns the underlying socket instead of
    putting it back to the connection pool.
    The server should be responsible for monitoring this socket for
    incoming requests

    persistOutgoingConnection is simpler. it puts back the connection to
    the pool and assumes that the receiving server will monitor this
    connection for requests.

Member Function Documentation

def cpc.server.message.direct_message.PersistentServerMessage.persistIncomingConnection (   self)
def cpc.server.message.direct_message.PersistentServerMessage.persistOutgoingConnection (   self)
This is just a simple ping message, the keep-alive header will
ensure that the other end wont close the connection

Member Data Documentation

string cpc.server.message.direct_message.PersistentServerMessage.INBOUND_CONNECTION = "IN"
string cpc.server.message.direct_message.PersistentServerMessage.OUTBOUND_CONNECTION = "OUT"

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