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cpc.server.queue.exec_thread.TaskExecThreads Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for cpc.server.queue.exec_thread.TaskExecThreads:

Public Member Functions

def pause
def cont
def acquire
def release
def stop

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

A collection of taskexec threads.

Member Function Documentation

def cpc.server.queue.exec_thread.TaskExecThreads.acquire (   self)
Acquire the lock to do pause/cont.
def cpc.server.queue.exec_thread.TaskExecThreads.cont (   self)
continue  all task exec threads.
def cpc.server.queue.exec_thread.TaskExecThreads.pause (   self)
Pause all task exec threads. Returns when they have
   in fact paused
def cpc.server.queue.exec_thread.TaskExecThreads.release (   self)
Release the lock to do pause/cont.
def cpc.server.queue.exec_thread.TaskExecThreads.stop (   self)
stop (quit/join) all task exec threads.  

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