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cpc.server.state.database.DBHandler Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for cpc.server.state.database.DBHandler:

Public Member Functions

def getCursor
def allocateDatabase

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Detailed Description

Provides access to the server database. Can be used from several threads.
example usage is
    handler = DBHandler()
    with handler.getCursor() as c:
This provides a transactional cursor which will rollback any changes if an
exception is throw at any time during the 'with' clause. The changes are
committed once the with-clause goes out of scope.
Note that transaction only cover DML statements and will implicitly commit
before any non-dml, such as a CREATE TABLE

Member Function Documentation

def cpc.server.state.database.DBHandler.allocateDatabase (   self)
def cpc.server.state.database.DBHandler.getCursor (   self)

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