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cpc.server.state.heartbeat.WorkerDataList Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def add
def remove
def getRnd
def checkDirectory

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Detailed Description

Maintains a list of directories used by workers connected to this
   server. Only these directories are fetchable with dead-worker-fetch.
   Each directory indexes a random has that is the name of a file that
   the worker should generate. This way a worker can prove that it 
   can write to the directory it claims is the worker directory. This
   closes a potential security issue where the worker could make the 
   server read any file.

Member Function Documentation

def cpc.server.state.heartbeat.WorkerDataList.add (   self,
def cpc.server.state.heartbeat.WorkerDataList.checkDirectory (   self,
check whether a requested directory is a worker directory.

   return True if the directory 'dir' exists, False if it doesn't exist,
   and raise an exception if the access is denied (for example, when
   the random file wasn't created).
def cpc.server.state.heartbeat.WorkerDataList.getRnd (   self,
def cpc.server.state.heartbeat.WorkerDataList.remove (   self,

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