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cpc.server.state.user_handler.User Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for cpc.server.state.user_handler.User:

Public Member Functions

def getUserid
def getUserlevel
def getUserlevelAsString
def setUserlevel
def isSuperuser
def getUsername
def promote
def demote
def syncUser

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Represents a user.
User data is cached in this instance, but any changes should be written
to persistent storage immediately. Multiple instances of the same user may

Member Function Documentation

def cpc.server.state.user_handler.User.demote (   self)
Promotes user to the previous user level, if available
Throws UserError if the previous level is unavailable
def cpc.server.state.user_handler.User.getUserid (   self)
def cpc.server.state.user_handler.User.getUserlevel (   self)
def cpc.server.state.user_handler.User.getUserlevelAsString (   self)
def cpc.server.state.user_handler.User.getUsername (   self)
def cpc.server.state.user_handler.User.isSuperuser (   self)
def cpc.server.state.user_handler.User.promote (   self)
Promotes user to the next user level, if available
Throws UserError if the next level is unavailable
def cpc.server.state.user_handler.User.setUserlevel (   self,
def cpc.server.state.user_handler.User.syncUser (   self)

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