Copernicus  2.0
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cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf:
cpc.util.conf.client_conf.ClientConf cpc.util.conf.connection_bundle.ConnectionBundle cpc.util.conf.server_conf.ServerConf

Public Member Functions

def exists
def findLocation
def initDefaults
def write
def toJson
def reread
def get
def getFile
def set
def userSet
def isUserSettable
def confFileValid
def getUserSettableConfigs
def getConfDir
def getHostName
def getCaDir
def getKeyDir
def getCertFile
def getCACertFile
def getCertRequestFile
def getCaChainFile
def getCaConfTemplate
def getPublicKey
def getPrivateKey
def getCAPrivateKey
def getCAPublicKey
def getCASerialFile
def getCAIndexFile
def getCaConfigFile
def getModuleBasePath
def getPluginPaths
def getExecutablesPath
def getCAKeyDir
def getCACertDir
def getCertReqConfigTemplate
def getCertReqConfigFile
def getCADir
def getGlobalDir

Static Public Member Functions

def getDefaultVerifiedHttpsPort
def getDefaultUnverifiedHttpsPort

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string base_path_normal = 'copernicus'
string base_path = '.%s'
string default_dir = '_default'

Detailed Description

Common configuration class. Reads from copernicus base directory

Member Function Documentation

def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.confFileValid (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.exists (   self)
Check for and initialize pre-existing singleton object.
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.findLocation (   self,
  userSpecifiedPath = None 
Find the location (full path name) of an existing configuration 
    file with name 'name'. Will use 'userSpecifiedPath' if set.

    The function will set four configuration variables: 
    conf_file = the full path of the configuration file
    conf_dir = the directory name of the directory containing the 
       configuration file
    base_dir = the directory name of the directory containing the
       sub directory of the configuration file. This 
       is different from conf_dir if confSubdirName is set
    global_dir = the globl configuration directory containing all
         configurations for all hosts, etc.

    If userSpecifiedPath is not set, it will try a host-specific
    directory first, then '_default'.

    userSpecifiedPath is either a file name (if confSubdirName is not
    set), or a directory name (if confSubdirName is set). 
    If confSubdirName is set, the search for conf. files will happen
    with that subdir name set first
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.get (   self,
Get the current value associated with this configuration.
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCACertDir (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCACertFile (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCaChainFile (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCaConfigFile (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCaConfTemplate (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCaDir (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCADir (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCAIndexFile (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCAKeyDir (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCAPrivateKey (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCAPublicKey (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCASerialFile (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCertFile (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCertReqConfigFile (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCertReqConfigTemplate (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getCertRequestFile (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getConfDir (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getDefaultUnverifiedHttpsPort ( )
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getDefaultVerifiedHttpsPort ( )
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getExecutablesPath (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getFile (   self,
Get a full path name based on a configuration name.
   Expands 'relTo' names iteratively.
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getGlobalDir (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getHostName (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getKeyDir (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getModuleBasePath (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getPluginPaths (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getPrivateKey (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getPublicKey (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.getUserSettableConfigs (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.initDefaults (   self)
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.isUserSettable (   self,
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.reread (   self)
Update from configuration file. First reset all values, then 
   read them from disk.
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.set (   self,
Set a new value associated with this configuration.
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.toJson (   self)
returns a json formatted string
@return json String
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.userSet (   self,
Set a new value associated with this configuration while checking
   whether that value can be set by a user.
def cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.write (   self)
write all conf settings that have non-default values to file.

Member Data Documentation

string cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.base_path = '.%s'
string cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.base_path_normal = 'copernicus'
string cpc.util.conf.conf_base.Conf.default_dir = '_default'

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