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cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict:

Public Member Functions

def clear
def popitem
def keys
def values
def items
def iterkeys
def itervalues
def iteritems
def update
def pop
def setdefault
def copy
def fromkeys
def viewkeys
def viewvalues
def viewitems

Member Function Documentation

def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.clear (   self)
def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.copy (   self)
def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.fromkeys (   cls,
  value = None 
OD.fromkeys(S[, v]) -> New ordered dictionary with keys from S
and values equal to v (which defaults to None).
def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.items (   self)
def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.iteritems (   self)
def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.iterkeys (   self)
def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.itervalues (   self)
def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.keys (   self)
def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.pop (   self,
  default = __marker 
od.pop(k[,d]) -> v, remove specified key and return the corresponding value.
If key is not found, d is returned if given, otherwise KeyError is raised.
def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.popitem (   self,
  last = True 
od.popitem() -> (k, v), return and remove a (key, value) pair.
Pairs are returned in LIFO order if last is true or FIFO order if false.
def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.setdefault (   self,
  default = None 
def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.update (   args,
od.update(E, **F) -> None.  Update od from dict/iterable E and F.

If E is a dict instance, does:           for k in E: od[k] = E[k]
If E has a .keys() method, does:         for k in E.keys(): od[k] = E[k]
Or if E is an iterable of items, does:   for k, v in E: od[k] = v
In either case, this is followed by:     for k, v in F.items(): od[k] = v
def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.values (   self)
def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.viewitems (   self)
def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.viewkeys (   self)
def cpc.util.ordered_dict.OrderedDict.viewvalues (   self)

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