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cpc.util.plugin.plugin.Plugin Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for cpc.util.plugin.plugin.Plugin:
cpc.util.plugin.plugin.ExecutablePlugin cpc.util.plugin.plugin.PlatformPlugin

Public Member Functions

def getType
def getName
def canRun
def getInfoType
def getInfoName
def getInfo
def call

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

General plugin class. Contains utility methods for calling plugins.
   Each instance is thread safe.

Member Function Documentation

def (   self,
  sendString = None,
  sendFile = None 
Run the plugin, in directory dir, with argument args, and optional
   send string or send file. Returns a tuple with the plugin 
   return code and its output. Note that sendString and sendFile
   cannot both be set.
def cpc.util.plugin.plugin.Plugin.canRun (   self)
Return whether the plugin can run, based on information returned
   from it. If not, it throws an exception.
def cpc.util.plugin.plugin.Plugin.getInfo (   self)
Return the plugin info.
def cpc.util.plugin.plugin.Plugin.getInfoName (   self)
Return the plugin name according to the info command.
def cpc.util.plugin.plugin.Plugin.getInfoType (   self)
Return the plugin type according to the info command.
def cpc.util.plugin.plugin.Plugin.getName (   self)
Get the plugin name.
def cpc.util.plugin.plugin.Plugin.getType (   self)
Get the plugin type.

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