Copernicus  2.0
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cpc.dataflow.keywords Namespace Reference


class  IdentifierError


def validIdentifier
def fixID


tuple allowedIdFirstChars = set(string.ascii_letters)
string allowedIdChars = string.ascii_letters+string.digits+'_'
tuple idTransTable = string.maketrans('-', '_')
tuple idEmptyTransTable = string.maketrans('','')

Function Documentation

def cpc.dataflow.keywords.fixID (   idString)
an additional function for backward-compatibility: all IDs should have
   underscores, not dashes, and we force dashes to be underscores.
def cpc.dataflow.keywords.validIdentifier (   idString)
Check whether a string is a valid identifier. 
   Throws an IdentifierError if it is not a valid identifier, 
   returns a backward-compatibility-fixed string

Variable Documentation

string cpc.dataflow.keywords.allowedIdChars = string.ascii_letters+string.digits+'_'
tuple cpc.dataflow.keywords.allowedIdFirstChars = set(string.ascii_letters)
tuple cpc.dataflow.keywords.idEmptyTransTable = string.maketrans('','')
tuple cpc.dataflow.keywords.idTransTable = string.maketrans('-', '_')